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LifePlan Nebraska Program

Three Step Strategy

The LifePlan Nebraska Program creates estate plans that work. Too often plans fail to meet clients’ hopes and expectations because the planning process was focused on documents, on speed, or on short-term cost. 

Clients often are not aware of available alternatives and are not informed about the cost of settling their estate in probate. 

The LifePlan Nebraska Program is for clients who want more than a simple will or a standard revocable living trust. It is a counseling process, using a team approach, to ensure that a client’s dreams and concerns for themselves and their loved ones are reflected in their estate planning documents. 

The base plan involves a fully funded revocable living trust, which is reviewed regularly to keep the plan current and ready to deal with changes in the law or the client’s situation. Overall costs, including the costs of settling the estate after death, are fully disclosed and controlled.

1) Develop An Estate Plan With Counseling Oriented Planning Partners

We have a very thorough and detailed design planning meeting that begins the process and initiates a lifelong relationship with a trusted advisor. An integral part of a successful estate plan is the funding or titling of the estate plan. We place the assets of the family in the names of the trustees of the estate plan to ensure that the estate plan will work.

2) Commit To A Con­tin­u­ing Maintenance and Education Plan

Our goal is educate the clients that estate planning is a lifelong process and to pro­vide a formal program to allow education and updates to your estate plan via a modest annual retainer.

Traditional estate planners do not provided formal assistance in this stage. Clients rarely contact their attorney because they are unaware of needed legal changes, they thought estate planning was a onetime event, or they are unclear on the cost of updates to the plan.

We know things change. The LifePlan Nebraska Program is a cost effective way to make sure that change doesn’t make your plan obsolete.

3) Secure Appropriate Assistance Upon Death to Transfer Wealth and Wisdom

Traditionally, many survivors have little knowledge about what to do to administer their loved one’s estate. In addition, the plan itself may be out of date and the loved ones rarely have control over the cost of administration because it was not previously discussed.

When a client successfully utilizes the LifePlan Nebraska Program and a loved one dies, the trusted administration is smoother and less expensive because the estate plan is up to date, family members are educated, and the costs of settlement are predetermined because of agreements made between our firm and the client prior to the client’s death.

Benefits of The LifePlan Nebraska Program
When Implemented Properly Include:

As an Omaha firm whose main focus is estate planning, LifePlan Nebraska can help you draft a plan that will not let you down and keep it effective through all of life’s changes. We work as planning partners—counselors, rather than paper pushers who simply drop your information into template documents.

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