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Totten Trust Can Protect Your Money for Your Loved Ones

Totten trusts, or payable-on-death bank accounts, are an estate planning tool that allows you to transfer money to a chosen person upon your death. When you make a Totten trust, you put funds into a revocable trust and designate a beneficiary to receive them. As the individual who made the account, you are the acting…
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IRS Raising Annual Gift Tax and Estate Tax Exclusions in 2023

Although inflation is generally nothing to be pleased about, the IRS recently announced inflation-adjusted changes to the annual gift tax annual and estate tax exclusions for 2023. If you are considering wealth transfer tax planning, these are welcome increases. Gift Tax Annual Exclusion Effective January 1, 2023, the gift tax annual exclusion will increase from…
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Counseling Oriented Planning

It is not about a piece of paper, it is about your peace of mind. Listen to these Radio Programs Called “Family Spectrum”  with Estate Planning Expert Charles Dorwart https://uxtf.net/ChuckDorwart2FamilySpectrum090910.mp3 https://uxtf.net/ChuckDorwartFamily2Spectrum100513.mp3 https://uxtf.net/ChuckDorwartFamily2Spectrum091119.mp3 https://uxtf.net/ChuckDorwartFamily2Spectrum100225.mp3 https://uxtf.net/ChuckDorwartFamily2Spectrum100127.mp3 https://uxtf.net/ChuckDorwartFamily2Spectrum100429.mp3

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Creating a Plan

Before you leave the kids with a babysitter for a few hours, you conduct serious research and planning sessions to make sure they will be safe. You provide multiple pages of instructions for the babysitter to ensure that your child and house are safe in their capable hands. Have you done the research and planning…
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