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Our Approach

As an Omaha firm whose main focus is estate planning, LifePlan Nebraska can help you draft a plan that won’t let you down and keep it effective through all of life’s changes. We work as planning partners—counselors, rather than paper pushers who simply drop your information into template documents.

A proactive approach makes a difference your family will appreciate when the time comes to settle your estate. Call us today and ask about our comprehensive, personalized LifePlan Nebraska estate plans, so you can make your plan work without a hitch.

Our Firm

Charles E. Dorwart

As a graduate of Creighton University School of Law Charles E. Dorwart Esq. has been practicing law in the Omaha metro area for over 40 years. His main area of focus is Estate Planning, Trusts and Probate. The LifePlan Nebraska Program provides lifelong, comprehensive solutions for couples and individuals.


Frequently Asked Questions

> Who is Charles E. Dorwart?

Someone with a family, children, friends, hopes, dreams, imperfections, and all the rest. Someone who goes to basketball games, concerts, and funerals just like you. A good attorney full of knowledge and compassion. Someone who likes helping his clients, drafting documents in simple plain English , and reading and researching the law.

> What exactly does Charles do?

Lawyers do two things: Prevent Problems and Fix Problems. We believe it is less expensive, easier, and less painful to help you prevent rather than fix.

Estate Planning. We will work with you to develop an Estate Plan so your assets are distributed the way you want to the people you want, usually without paying Estate Taxes. At the appropriate time, we will work with you and your family concerning the Probate and Trust Administration. If there are Probate or post-death disputes, that’s something else we can help your family with.

Business Planning. We will also work with you to form a business organization (Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Partnerships, etc.). When the time is right, we can help assist with the purchase or sale of another business. Of course, we can draft contracts for your business to avoid problems (Employment Agreement, Non-Compete or Non-Solicitation Agreements, and Contracts of all kinds). Again, when a dispute arises, we will deal with that problem.

> Who are our clients?

Our clients run the gamut from individuals with not many assets to couples who have had multiple marriages as well as clients with significant assets. Our clients include farmers, surgeons, lawyers, plumbers, bakers, start-up businesses, and established businesses.

> What is our fee?

It’s okay to ask about money. We are frugal people, too. Whenever possible, we prefer to handle matters on a flat fee basis. For example, if you would like us to draft a Will for both you and your spouse, we can quote a definite price for that. If you would like us to handle the Probate of your great-grandmother’s Estate, in which case the work would be spread out over a period of months with possible complications from some of the relatives, then it might be best to bill by the hour. Even so, we should be able to give you a rough estimate of the range of the fees. Before we begin any work, we will discuss our fee arrangement with you and put it in writing.

> If I have a follow-up question about my Estate Plan or another matter, will you charge me for the telephone call or email?

No. Even if it’s been a while since we drafted your documents or assisted you with another matter, please feel free to call us with your questions. You are our client and we want you to understand and be comfortable with what we’ve done for you. We are always happy to answer your questions without charge. If the question involves research or reviewing documents, then we will have to charge for that work – and we will tell you what the fee will be.

> What if I have legal matter other than Estate Planning or a business matter?

Call us and we’ll tell you whether or not it’s something we can handle for you. If it is not something we can do, we will be happy to give names of other attorneys who will help you.

Tom Dorwart

Tom Dorwart has practiced law for 11 years, with a particular focus on startups and venture capital for the past seven years. He was an early advisor to a French startup that raised a large seed round and to a legal tech startup that also raised a seed round and has been operating now for 10 years since. He advises over 40 startups and two venture capital funds, including serving as a GP general counsel role for one. His industry experience ranges from fintech to proptech, crypto, ecommerce, medtech, and pet tech. He is the US ambassador and a team member for the green tech, climate change conference Waves of Change, based in France, and is an advisor for the Emerging Fintech Forum, a fintech conference of emerging fintechs, and he speaks fluent French and is involved in the France ecosystem.

– Member – French-American Chamber of Commerce in New York
– Volunteer Lawyer Project Volunteer
– Southwest Kiwanis Club Volunteer
– Habitat For Humanity Lawyer Volunteer